Hello world!

Hello world!

So I suppose the polite thing to do is to tell you all about me and why I am blogging.  I’m a late 30’s girl who somehow didn’t really get the whole children thing until I hit 35 (and a bit!).  I had got a bit left behind as friends married and did the children thing.  Then suddenly it hit us, it would be quite nice to be like everyone else, more importantly we actually quite liked other people’s kids and were therefore confident that ours would rock.  We did what all sensible people do when they have made that decision and got drunk,  threw caution to the wind and were those annoying people who 4 weeks later were suddenly with child.  We were shocked, excited and most importantly delighted.  At our 12 week scan they couldn’t get the nuchal measurement, we went back  5 days later and bam the dream ended.  Since then we have tried and failed to get pregnant and when we do get pregnant stay pregnant.  We are in the barren years where life is OK but we are missing something to make it bloom.

I hope to share my ponderings on this journey, my google findings, a few tears and hopefully some laughs, because life is to short not to laugh!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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