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Pregnancy History

As I briefly mentioned we have form when it comes to pregnancy. Pregnancy No 1 – July 2008 This was how it all began. I had a fairly trouble free pregnancy felt a bit like I had a permanent hangover … Continue reading

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Cough Mixture

I’ve had a cold this week which has been horrible, of course it’s the week when I should be looking my best and wooing Villa Boy. Instead the reality was me red nosed unable to breathe but still the show … Continue reading

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Humiliation: 1. The act of humiliating; degradation. 2. The state of being humiliated or disgraced; shame. 3. A humiliating condition or circumstance. It’s an odd thing but the thing I feel most about being infertile is the humiliation. The embarrassment … Continue reading

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How many times has someone said “you just need to book a great holiday, that’s what my friend’s did and bam they were pregnant”… wouldn’t it be great if life was as simple as that?  Wouldn’t being a travel agent … Continue reading

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Is it me or is it you?

That’s always the question when you can’t get pregnant isn’t it? Who’s to “blame”?  In my mind there is no person at fault it’s a journey we’re on together and using emotional energy to either pass the buck or be … Continue reading

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Where are we now?

So where are we now?  We are about to set a date for our next round of IVF.  As you can probably guess there was a bit of a story before we hit the IVF train but I’ll bore you … Continue reading

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