How many times has someone said “you just need to book a great holiday, that’s what my friend’s did and bam they were pregnant”… wouldn’t it be great if life was as simple as that?  Wouldn’t being a travel agent / fertility magician be a great job title?

Now obviously there is no doubt that lots of pregnancies do start on holiday, for a start you have time for sex, you probably have time for sex at all times of the day and obviously having sex really helps the majority of people get pregnant!

I guess lot also start trying to get pregnant on holiday and therefore if it takes a while you are also likely to be on holiday about 12 months later and finally get pregnant.  Thus you are likely to be all yeah we went on holiday and bam it happened

Have I tried this theory? – you bet I have, I love a good holiday and if it could make me pregnant as well what a perfect solution. We have had some fabulous holidays in the last 3 years trying to invoke the law of sod.  We have relaxed, we have adventured, we have chilled, we have skied, we have sunbathed, we have shopped and yes of  course we have had sex!  The law of sod has not co-operated and we have not got pregnant from our fabulous trips.  I can therefore conclude that this is dud advice, although we have some lovely memories and have had some fab times so it’s not the worst theory we have tried!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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One Response to Holidays

  1. Loving travel agent / fertility magician – if only! This, along with ‘relax and it’ll happen’ and ‘you’re young, you’ve got plenty of time’ is among my favourite bits of advice.

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