Thyroid and not getting pregnant

Apparently a lot of cases of unexplained infertility could be related to a thyroid problem, your thyroid could be within normal levels and so could be dismissed by your GP as not being the issue but actually a slight variation could indicate something is amiss in your immune system and this could be preventing implantation. Luckily I was aware of this as a friend had similar, started taking thyroxine and bam after 2 years of trying was pregnant, plus with her thyroid at a stable level her 2nd child was conceived very easily.

I have had my thyroid tested about 3 times since we our 2nd miscarriage and it has always come in within normal range, although at the top level of normal. I always ask for it to be checked in terms of fertility as I have also always had my friend’s scenario in my head. Also I have thought that over the last couple of years maybe it has been a bit screwy and possibly maybe higher than my normal range. So at our last consultation with our IVF consultant he decided that it would be worth me going to see an Endocrinologist to get my thyroid results checked out before proceeding with our next round of IVF. I have to say the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster, on one hand I was kindof hoping that if my thyroid was a bit screwy then a dose of thyroxine could be the answer to making the next round of ivf work, on the other hand I was seething that if that was the case and it was that simple why it hadn’t been picked up sooner…. Prof Monson was lovely and assured me that if there was the slightest indication that thyroxine would help he would not hesitate to prescribe it. As it turns out my TSH levels are OK and have actually dropped since they were last tested, therefore my thyroid is not the reason I am not getting pregnant. So good news that it can be ruled out although a slight bah that there is no easy magic solution that might make our next round have a better chance of working.

So even though for me it wasn’t the case my advice is if you haven’t got pregnant or have had several miscarriages then get your thyroid checked and ask for the results to be checked over by a specialist, obviously easier if you have private health cover. The figure to quote is that your TSH level should be closer to 2 than 5 for fertility purposes.

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I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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2 Responses to Thyroid and not getting pregnant

  1. Good news that your thyroid isn’t causing problems, but sorry there’s not magic solution xx

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