Dr Google

So if Google gave away medical degrees would you have qualified?

My sister likes to think that she has a broad range of Google acquired medical knowledge and sees herself as a GP type
Villa Boy having googled how to perform injections, in his mind a very specialist medical task, likes to see himself as Mr Villa Boy consultant surgeon.
I myself am obviously a qualified fertility specialist.

How annoying must it be for doctors these days as everyone sees themselves as equally knowledgeable?

Our consultant certainly alluded to that when he congratulated me on my excellent googling skills, saying that I had obviously filtered the information intelligently, leaving me well informed. By this statement in my head he practically awarded me my doctoring qualification there and then! Villa Boy rolled his eyes when I shot him a “told you my googling was a valid hobby look”. On a serious note it has meant that we have had some very interesting discussions on the pros and cons of various treatments, I have asked his opinion on a number of supplements that I have been taking and most importantly we trust him implicitly. I am not sure that without my google knowledge I would be as confident that he is doing the best he and medical science at the moment can do for me.

But I am a sensible girl and actually do filter out certain things, I also know that certain sites have better quality information and that some sites are not for me. It surprises me how little people research before undertaking IVF. I have seen a number of people panic half way through and doubt their treatment plans and doctors and in my head I always think “have you not read about this already?”. The I remember that not everyone likes to read up and planned all possible scenarios in advance. It’s part of my day job and those skills transfer into non work life as well. I cannot leave things to chance, I like to have a plan which is why infertility is so hard, how can I super fixer have ended up with something that can’t be solved by a quick google?


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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2 Responses to Dr Google

  1. Have you received your honorary degree yet? I’m sure mine is in the mail!

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