My sister in law is having iui in January, I must stop daydreaming how lovely it will be that our children will be so close in age. Her nieces are older as are my nephews so it will be great that this side of the family will be so close. Sigh you can see the end of this daydream coming a mile off can’t you!? The horror if 1 of us gets pregnant but not the other, expect a blog post on it won’t you?!

It’s strange that both boys picked sub-fertile women. If I was a bit mad I may be stressing that it is natures way if ensuring that they don’t pass on any dodgy genes. Luckily I have managed to not pursue that thought, I am so much more rational at the moment than I have been at some points on this journey and long may that frame of mind continue.

I am also relieved that I didn’t manage to congratulate my brother in-law on his obviously much improved and more normal sperm count, as unlike his big brothers it is obviously good enough for iui. Hurrah for that, there are some things that really should be left unsaid!

Right off to continue daydreaming these positive thoughts of multiple pregnancies and of grand children for the in-laws.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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One Response to Dreaming…..

  1. nothingifnotoptimistic says:

    How strangely familiar I find this. My sister in law is having her IUI in the morning. Both my husband and his brother managed to find and marry and then try to reproduce with woman who have fertility issues. We laugh about it on our good days and say that God had a twisted sense of humor, or that this has been all planned so we could at least have each other during this time. I swear it had to have been planned so that at least our husbands can grieve to each other about the Clomid side effects!! I actually caught my hubs calling his brother while he thought I was sleeping, just to complain about a mood swing that drove us both batty the night before!!

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