With every Christmas card I write …

As I write the Christmas cards it’s a constant reminder of how fertile all our friends are with several new names to add yet again. I am always very chuffed with myself that I can remember all the names of all my friends offspring it’s a game I play every year with myself, well it passes the time and writing cards is very dull!!
I have also been touched this year by the cryptic messages that have been scrawled in the cards we have received, no one has actually said hope your next round of ivf works but there have been a few messages that have made me smile. I actually did write in the card to some friends who are about to embark on an ivf journey of their own hope 2012 is a fertile one!! Then posted it and had a small panic that was a bit rude, but I figured it wouldn’t offend me and as ever it’s nice that people aren’t cryptic!
Every year I really believe I will be signing as a family of 3 or scrawling in each card we are looking forward to xxxx as we will become parents. That hope is what propels us all forward on this difficult journey. So another year, another set of Christmas cards, here’s hoping that 2012 is the one when all my hoping pays off.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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One Response to With every Christmas card I write …

  1. 35life says:

    We tape all the cards we receive to the inside of our front door and every year it looks more and more like a family photo gallery than anything else. Writing cards has been a tough one for me. I almost skipped it this year but I pushed myself through it. I almost considered taking a photo of hubby and I, clinking glasses filled with an alcoholic beverage, while enjoying ourselves at a Las Vegas resort and sending it out with our cards, but decided against it. LOL!

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