Round 3 – we have kick off

So round 3 has started, delayed slightly by my period deciding to play games and not turning up on time. We had that passing thought that we may be “one of those couples” Villa Boy more than me, but no reality hit. Obviously only after I had stared at a negative pregnancy test first thing the day before. Is there a more depressing way to start the day? I am sure there is, but it would have to make the top 10 wouldn’t it?
It takes me a few injections to get back into the swing of things and I hate the build up to the first one. I have to admit I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night and was a little tetchy. But a deep breathe and a stern internal talking to meant it was ok, and apart from the bruise you can’t tell that I, once again have an expensive early morning drug habit !!
The first few days are a bit surreal it seems strange in some ways almost relaxing as there’s nothing I can do now but follow doctors orders. Being me I can’t do nothing that really isn’t possible! So what else do I do? I try and eat well, organic as much as possible, make sure I get my 5 a day and a large amount of protein. I also try and relax as much as possible but mostly I just try and go with the flow. I haven’t cracked open my Zita West CDs yet but they always help facilitate a better nights sleep and I am sure that I will need them to help me switch off at some point.
The fear of no eggs growing hasn’t kicked in, in some ways I am positive that we will always get something, that is very rational, I fear in a few days time I will be unable to be that rational! But I find I can’t think further than tomorrow at the moment, no thoughts on egg collection, embryo transfer or the dreaded 2 week wait. It feels pretty good and strange to be only focusing on the here and now as being infertile seems to involve a lot of thinking ahead and forward planning. I will embrace this serenity and hope that it continues.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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6 Responses to Round 3 – we have kick off

  1. andttw3 says:

    Everything crossed for you its 3rd time lucky x x

  2. Jah. says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really hope the third time is a charm for you.

  3. pbnhoney says:

    That relax word is killer. You know you need to. You know you want to. But how on earth does anyone relax. I used to think the 2ww was bad. Not now with shots and mock ET’s and U/S’s. For some reason my wife is the only person who hates massages. She enjoys them only rarely but I am about to make her have them and accupuncture too. We have read that not only seems to help relax IVF moms but increase success rates when done the day before. What I wonder is does it matter what kind of accupuncture? As in where the needle goes??? Sorry for the late night ramble just curious what y’all do to unwind during this stressful time.

    • Relax during the 2ww post IVF…. Not sure it’s possible!!
      I’m with her on massages, all a bit odd and then you have to go through the I need to be treated like I’m pregnant even though I may not be! So make sure where you book can deal with pregnant women.
      I had acupuncture & bizarrely I find that quite ok needles go in wrists, ankle & stomach. Again find someone who is used to dealing with ivf, I am actually using someone who is great for fertility stuff but may use the clinic affiliated person for post egg collection & embryo transfer just because.
      I went a bit mad during my last IVF 2ww mainly because of a pregnant “friend” all I can say is be prepared for up & down emotions, for tears, all Villa Boy can do is hug me tight & tell me he loves me whatever.
      This time round I may use the clinics counselling service as I wonder if having someone neutral to speak to may help.
      Good luck x

      • pbnhoney says:

        Thanks, we are also anticipating mood swings but it is hard to know what the month will bring as well. The counseling service and IVF clinic are an hour from our home. Since my wife commutes from another city altogether for work I think this will be our biggest challenge- coordination of ours and the clinics schedule. I worry about my wife hearing from all of her friends during our 2ww. We are compiling a list now of things to do so we don’t go stir crazy. Do you and hubby have anything that helps?

      • The travelling is the pits, but sometimes work has to just cope.
        I have a lot of TV sky plused ready to watch, this time round I am planning on just going with the flow and do what I want to do rather than feel I have to carry on as normal. But you have prompted me that I need to think about coping tactics!

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