The technical stuff

Thought it would be useful to post what protocol I’m on as I know sometimes it helps to compare and contrast.

Because of my low AMH I don’t take the pill to shut off my ovaries so we dive straight in on day 2 injecting
300 iu Gonal F
150 iu Menopur
To prevent ovulation from day 5
Orgalutran 0.25g

I will be scanned on day 8 and probably day 10. I will then trigger with Ovitrelle 250 mcg

Post Egg Collection I will start taking 25mg of prednisolone a steroid + 100mg doxycycline twice a day -an antibiotic for 7 days + progesterone gel twice a day

Then post embryo transfer I will start on clexane 40mg.

If we get a positive result we’ll also add aspirin in.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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