Unexpected twists

So today was scan day, I was a bit worried but as Villa Boy said why worry you’ve been fine every other time. Now worrying wouldn’t have made it better but I might have planned for bad news. So yes, as often happens in the whole infertility journey we are now embarking on a different route, hopefully with the same end destination but I can’t say I am brimming with hope and confidence!
I have not responded, so nothing on 1 ovary and 2 small offerings in the other side and 1 already at 20 so ready to be triggered oops. Bad times. I am awaiting a call from the clinic but the decision is probably to switch to IUI. Eeek let the googling commence as that’s not something I really researched! I also know that the chances of it succeeding are low but better than a normal month so worth a go.
Of course not responding brings bigger problems to the table is this the end? Is it worth trying again? Is it the menopur as I responded fine on pure Gonal F? Is it time to seriously discuss with my sister whether her offer of eggs is genuine? Or do we draw a line and give up this expensive, time consuming hobby?
Expect a lot of ramblings over the next few weeks !


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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7 Responses to Unexpected twists

  1. good luck. Anything’s possible.

  2. pbnhoney says:

    So frustrating! I don’t know you’re whole history, but from my understanding when one is doing IVF, generally it is because regular sex or IUI did not work right? So if the clinic wants you to do IUI is it worth it? What are the odds? Why not just stop the hormones for this cycle and try again next month to see if you can get more follicles? I don’t want to offend you I really just don’t understand why the doctor would not just stop your cycle.

    I can’t imagine having a sibling make that offer as well, since I am an only child. My wife has two sisters, one is extremely fertile and the other is infertile. If one offered us her eggs I would take them in a heartbeat because I know how important it is for my wife to experience pregnancy. We have talked the subject to death. I even mentioned embryo adoption as a way for her to experience pregnancy if her eggs and our donor sperm do not work. She won’t even go there until we have a defininate ‘failure’.

    I guess as the husband I just want to have a plan, a solution to everything and I can’t control this. Is your husband the same way? How does he feel about your sister donating her eggs?

    • Thank you for your comments,sorry i haven’t come back to it before just had to do the weekend! Complicated history in that we never had iui we went straight to ivf because of my amh levels . So the way we looked at it was iui meant the drugs didn’t go to waste we know the best sperm got to the right place and hopefully the egg is a good ‘un. By doing iui we’ve added in the post ET drugs so hopefully the steroids might just help. I’m still not sure but it’s now done and all we can do is hope and if that doesn’t work plan our next move. Fertility treatment is such a nightmare! Villa Boy is Mr Cool & reckons it is a good 2nd choice, he is generally much better at interpreting the positives than I am!

      • pbnhoney says:

        Thanks for sharing. Have you had an HSG? My wife and I were devastated after a year of inseminations failing. If we had only done that before doing insems we would have known her tubes were 100% blocked. I pray that this is not something you two have to even worry about because you will have a + very soon 🙂 Good Luck!

  3. How heartbreaking!!! I am so sorry to read this. So overwhelming too. IUIs…we have done a few. It’s simple, straightforward, and quick. Maybe it will be a great option for you. Sending my BEST your way.

  4. Melanie says:

    Good Luck! I wondered if we would be converted as well. We went ahead with the IVF as you know. My fingers are crossed for you. It’s all so hard isn’t it?

  5. Good luck! All those decisions are so hard aren’t they? I hope you and your hubby find the answers you’re looking for with all that Googling : )

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