So IUI….

Well IUI was a fairly chilled process.

We went in at 8am on Sunday, filled in a load more forms and Villa Boy consented to let me use his sperm. He made some joke about having only met me last night and not being sure about whether it was too much too soon, the nurse looked suitably confused but I think it brightened her morning! Then Villa Boy did his stuff, apparently the standard of porn wasn’t as good as last time but still Hammersmith has a better set up than CRGH apparently. We then went for breakfast while the embrologists did their stuff – spinning and washing of the sample which took about an hour and a half. Well Villa Boy tucked in to breakfast I was a bit more stressed and nervous, plus I had to fill my bladder. Then back to the unit,where we got gowned up ready to go into theatre I think this is Villa Boy’s favourite part as he fancies himself as a bit of a consultant type! Two nurses then did the deed. 3 million sperm with 99% normal motility were squirted into me via a catheter. It really wasn’t painful, maybe as uncomfortable as a smear test and much less exciting than an embryo transfer.

For general information things not to say at this time are “that doesn’t look very many” as the nurse shows you the sample in the test tube, Villa Boy was then all defensive as he said “that’s not the whole sample”. I then overcompensated by going overboard on praise that he had managed to produce that many with 99% normal motility, I think secretly Villa Boy was also chuffed with himself, given that 18 months ago they were 67%.

Back into the ward, 15 mins to lie back and think of England and off home we went. I asked Villa Boy to drive home as I did feel a bit crampy and distracted. He laughed at me and said did I feel like I shouldn’t be driving everytime we had sex then, it really was that much of a non-event (the iui not our sex life I feel I need to add for clarity!).

I am now on the steroids, clexane and progesterone gel so it’s like a proper fertility treatment!

So how do I feel about it all? If I think about it too much I can easily convince myself that this has no chance of working and it’s all a waste of time, but as I frequently say having done it you simply can’t think like that so I have to believe that it might just work.
My positives are:
– The follicle looked good
– The smaller ones could have caught up and produced eggs so feasibly there is more than 1.
– Given our recent fertilisation rates during ivf we know that the vast majority of my eggs can fertilise.
The bad thoughts are:
– I am concerned that there were only 3 million sperm any reading I’ve done seems to suggest that there should have been more but quality not quantity is surely better, well that’s what I am telling myself.
– I am not convinced that there was an egg in the lead follicle, no idea why I think this, apart from that was what happened in May on our natural cycle.
– I am also not convinced the smaller follicles will have caught up and in some ways logic says they won’t have been mature enough even if they did pop

So with fingers and toes firmly crossed, promises to myself to only dwell on the positives the 16 days of waiting and going slowly mad have commenced. Roll on February!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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2 Responses to So IUI….

  1. You seem to have the same nature that I do – always thinking about what COULD happen, trying to prepare for the worst, so I won’t be disappointed.
    I read something the other day that said, if you imagine the worst, then you have to live through it twice if it does happen. That has helped me as the drs have taken blood, analyzed numbers, and say they want to check for any abnormalities. I’ve decided that I can be happy with where I am, or I can worry about what they say, but I sure don’t want to live the bad stuff twice!

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