Fertile colours

Now there’s something that you never thought mattered isn’t it? Does your wardrobe choice, colour of your bed linen, interior paint choice affect your fertility? A large proportion of people at this point will probably be going “what, why would you even think such a thing?!”, more of you than care to admit will probably be going “well it’s orange isn’t it?” or green depending on what you have read.

It’s a certain point in your infertility journey when you worry if the colour of your underpants might be affecting your ability to conceive, a step on from the start of the journey when the sexy pants one night are still the only aid you think you may need to get pregnant.

So it was before our 2nd round of IVF that I found myself purchasing orange underpants. At this point I should say I am blonde and pale, orange is so not my colour! However I had read that orange was the colour of fertility and anything is worth a try, it may have just been the missing key and i hadn’t realised it. I “may” have been a little focused on this quest and had to have them before we went for egg collection! On researching it for this post, (yes I do really research what I write!) turns out I obviously didn’t google enough in the summer and my orange underpants may have been a mistake on more than just ascetics! It appears there are a number of options on colours to improve fertility, who knew! So here is a little run down on what we should all be wearing and decorating our homes in!

Orange is feng shui’s colour of fertility, apparently an uplifting colour. Which is true isn’t it? Orange flowers are jolly, guaranteed to perk you up. In Feng Shui apparently orange brings harmony to relationships and warms the body. A touch of orange in the bedroom is good to improve fertility.

Red is harsher than orange in the whole Feng Shui game but red underpants are sexy for a reason, it’s the colour of passion, warmth and therefore fertility.

Blue in Egypt is deemed to be the colour of fertility just to confuse, again I can see the logic of water giving life etc etc

Green traditionally and in my mind more logically is, linked with nature and growth and all that sort of stuff. Apparently Celtic myths mark green as for fertility and thus Celtic wedding dresses were green, although it also signifies loose morals as rolling around in the grass makes your dress green!!

Confusing isn’t it! I mean obviously cynically it’s all a bit of fun and really the colour of your underpants doesn’t make any difference, no really they don’t! However I do buy into some colours do just cheer you up and make life a more pleasant place. A bunch of brightly coloured flowers can’t help but make you smile, so if I can convince myself they will make me fertile, it’s worth buying isn’t it? Being happy with the way your house is decorated has got to make you happier in general, and mean that being at home is pleasant and a sanctuary to retreat to when life becomes a bit tough. Wearing clothes that make you smile, or underwear that makes you feel good about yourself is another good thing, and something that I have lost at certain points of this journey. So maybe the Feng Shui crew have something. I think I am certainly going to think about things that make me happy and wear clothes that make me feel good a bit more. No more saving things for best or a special event.

Just in case there is something in the whole Feng Shui thing something red or baby related facing West in 2012 is the way to go to improve fertility… now where is that compass?


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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7 Responses to Fertile colours

  1. msfertility says:

    My hubby and I both wear black… all the time! (Although, I will admit to having “lucky” underwear and I no longer wear my red panties with a spade design because I consider them to be bad for fertility – lol!) However, I did download the Infertility hypnosis MP3 from hypnosisdownloads.com and listened to it every single day in January! Coincidence? I have no idea!

    • Nicole says:

      did it work for you? ive been trying for 7 years and am at this point pretty desperate… lol

      • Mmmm well eventually it all came together and we have our happy ending not sure whether it was everything I tried or just pure luck!! Am guessing luck lol
        Don’t give up he was worth every penny & every tear I cried xx

      • msfertility says:

        We finally did succeed on our third round of IVF. Up to that point, everything had seemed so hopeless. After 36 embryos, one finally turned up normal after pgd testing. I can’t say for sure that it was because of (or in spite of) anything I did. Although, my last IVF cycle, I had a really different attitude. I was grateful and kept really positive. I kept saying to myself that I was lucky to have the opportunity for IVF, whether or not it worked, because so many others do not. The hypnosis definitely helped me stay positive and while I can’t be sure they helped me get pregnant, it sure was a more pleasant experience than all the other times… in fact, all the years of trying that came before it. Good luck, Nicole. I hope your time is now.

  2. I too look awful in orange. Shoot! But I face west often, so that’s got to make up for the lack of orange in my life. I’ve got oodles of green and blue, though, and will make sure to wear both more often. Such a fun post!

  3. how about plaid? or multi-colored polka dots or stripes?

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