I love wine, and am rather partial to a gin and tonic or a pimms, a beer on a sunny afternoon is always a pleasure. Yet me and my boozing habit have been sadly parted for the last few years. I obviously gave up booze when I got my first positive pregnancy test, for various reasons I never really got back into the habit before I was pregnant again. Well except I had 1 very boozy night out when my period was late and had got a bfn which obviously I blamed my miscarriage on. I didn’t drink a lot prior to my next bfp and when that pregnancy went wrong I hit a low point and alcohol made me cry, never good on work nights out! Since then 2 and a half long years ago I have barely drunk. That’s not to say a drop hasn’t passed my lips but 2 glasses feels like a big night these days, even when I throw caution to the wind I reckon I haven’t drunk more than 4 or 5 glasses in an evening. The problem I find is the come down 2 or 3 days later makes me really really weepy and depressed and it’s so unpleasant the pleasure and joy of drinking on a night is not worth this fall out. It’s a shame as it is a part of me that has really been changed by this journey and one that leaves me quite lost in society, people find it strange when people don’t drink.

The other reason for not drinking is of course the affect it has on fertility. There is a lot of evidence out there that even moderate drinking can decrease your chances of conception, or more accurately make it take longer to conceive. On the other hand there is an equal amount of evidence to suggest that moderate drinking has no impact on fertility .

There is also evidence to suggest that alcohol can affect your chances of miscarrying another reason for me staying clear.

However in general it does seem that moderate drinking does not really have any major impact and so there is no real reason to give up. Yet despite knowing this I cannot throw caution to the wind and not think about what I drink, I cannot crack open a bottle of wine just because. The number 1 piece of advice people offer bar “have you tried acupuncture” is the old “my friend gave up drinking and bam she was pregnant”. Most of the time I smile and say well I don’t drink very much anymore occasionally I am a bit more “tried that didn’t work” in my answer. I know they mean well but it makes me feel guilty about the 1 night I have had drinking or the weekend I acted like a normal person. It makes me feel like they are judging me and my inability to get pregnant, thinking that I am just not putting the effort in so can’t really want it.

Villa Boy thinks I’m mad especially as he reckons our most successful pregnancy was conceived the night of many bottles of wine…… But he doesn’t have to live in my head the day or so after a session or even a glass or two. On reflection I wish I had never cut down then the guilt wouldn’t be there but we are where we are and I know that by not drinking much I am giving us the best chance I can.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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3 Responses to Boozing

  1. endosister says:

    You have to try everything you can to get what your heart desires; but don’t let life pass you by. Live whilst you dream & believe miracles can happen.

    Those who get pregnant so easily don’t realise how lucky they are.

    I really hope and pray for your BFP

    Lots of love xxxx

  2. It is amazing how many times when I’ve been out with my husband and our friends, when I am NOT drinking, that people say “just have a shot, that’ll do it!” *Sigh* I try to just smile and realize that they have absolutely no idea what we are going through and hopefully, they never will. I certainly wouldn’t wish this on anyone!
    I have, however, enjoyed being the sober one – driving people home so they get there safely, remembering all the funny events of the evening, and not having the hangovers 🙂

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