Post treatment slump

I’m in that post treatment slump whereby the bottom of the cliff is in sight but I know I don’t want to hit it. Deep down I know I want to try another round of treatment and Villa Boy feels the same but this week in particular I just want to curl up and for everything to go away. Logically it’s 2 weeks in so I am in ovulation territory, always a hormonal roller coaster. No doubt the ivf drugs are crashing out of my system and my body probably doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. Then of course there is the usual run of post Christmas 12 weeks scans, all good which is great news for our friends but yet another kick for us.

On the plus side this slump makes me contemplate weird and wonderful fertility assistance! So currently running thought my head as possible things to try are:
Colonic Irrigation – quackery at its best, of course my inner body needs to be cleansed. Yet you know a fresh start might be just what my body needs, plus my sister got pregnant the month she had hers, ok she’d only been attempting to get upduffed for about 2 months but still.

Ozone Therapy – additional O2 to help the cells grow and regenerate, not exactly proven but possibly worth a shot. My concern with this is that I don’t want my already too good immune system to be improved further. One to think about.

Lisa Olsen’s pregnancy miracle, how have I resisted so far, hard to see really oh maybe it’s because you cannot find a review for it as she appears to have purchased every google word combination! I am not convinced, what with not being able to find anything she hasn’t approved in terms of a review which instantly screams bullshit to me, however desperate times and all that. I have decided to review myself in a month and if I still think it might be a good idea I will purchase. Plus its now a real bargain at $39 instead of $79, I know how can I resist!? To be fair I have contemplated a purchase of this before but have always seen the light before parting with my cash however this time may be different!

So there you have it I am in limbo at the moment so rather than think about not continuing I am looking at every alternative, literally!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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7 Responses to Post treatment slump

  1. it truly is a roller coaster ride, isn’t it? and there are not too many high points on this ride, and the potential for enjoying the ride is also limited…i truly understand that yearning…never did the IVF, it was much more experimental back in my day of infertility…i do pray for you that you will be able to find peace during this journey–it is a tough one. thanks for your openness in sharing where you are in this process of desiring a baby and the feelings that go along with the downside of the ride.

  2. I am right there with you in the slump. Wanting to move forward. Waiting for some second opinions. Trying to return to normal even when my hormone induced acne is still lingering. Ugh. I vote for Lisa Olsen and the colonic. Might as well clean yourself out AND get pregnant. Some other ideas to combat the slump might include: getting a dog, buying really expensive shoes, ignoring your previous post and having some tasty wine! I vote for the last option. Wine and good food always bring me out of funky states of mind.

  3. swankylady says:

    Well, I downloaded the Pregnancy Miracle more than a year ago for the “sale price” of $39 and I say just save your money. It is interesting to read but it aint no miracle. haha.

  4. msfertility says:

    That’s too funny! I remember going through about 18 Google pages looking for an authentic review and she *has* purchased all the reviews – huge red flag!!! Personally, I think that good nutrition and loads of relaxation/meditation/hypnosis are the things you can do that will help most. If nothing else, you’ll be less stressed out and in a better head space – nothing wrong with that, right? (I downloaded an infertility hypnosis mp3 from and listened to it every day of my last IVF cycle – forgive me if I already mentioned this to you!)

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