Maca Powder

Maca Powder hit my radar about 3 years ago when it was named by the nutritionist I was seeing as a super supplement. About the same time I happened to pick up a magazine of dubious quality in a doctors waiting room and it was mentioned in some kind of “my miracle baby” article. Must be a sign I thought so went off to google.

I asked on a parenting forum I go on and got some fairly short shrift answers saying how ridiculous it sounded,  undeterred I googled some more to try and see if it was something I should be trying.

So along with many other supplements Maca is supposed to boost your fertility by improving your hormones. Now this is where is gets a bit iffy it boosts your progesterone levels which can help sustain a pregnancy, if you know you have low progesterone.  Some of the indictators that iu have low progesterone are spotting mid cycle and light periods. However if you have excess progesterone levels which is common if you have pcos it could therefore cause your levels to rise even higher and cause more issues than it solves.  My opinion is that it is a supplement that shouldn’t be taken without proper support to make sure that you aren’t doing more harm than good.  Probably in conjunction with blood tests.  In fact on further reading I was horrified that my nutritionist had recommended it so blindly, it actually destroyed my trust in his methods, which was a shame as a lot of what he talked about and advocated did make sense.  I suppose it’s one of those situations where the desperate need for a baby can sometimes lead you down paths that you aren’t always comfortable with.  The good thing being that as long as you continue to question what and why you are doing it you haven’t completely lost the plot!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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