In the middle of the night….

Life always seems worse in the middle of the night, those gut wrenching what if’s and but’s can’t be silenced as easily as when day light filters through and the rest of the world is up and about. I have had a few of those nights recently where things escalate and the bad voices in your head take over any logical brain activity.

(Villa Boy says I shouldn’t talk about voices in my head as it makes me seem mad. It’s more an internal dialogue rather than voices if you are worried!).

Over the years I have tried various solutions but for me consistently the ones that work are self hypnosis CDs or mp3s. For general relaxation, positivity and sleep Andrew Johnson is great. If I think about it too much I find it disconcerting that someone talking to me before I go to sleep can actually change the way my brain functions to make life a bit easier. He’s not a miracle worker and doesn’t make all my problems disappear but somehow things seem easier. I suppose on a basic level it helps me get a decent nights sleep and the world is always a better place when you’ve slept well.

For the fertility stuff Zita West rocks, as with all these things the only downside is that I haven’t got pregnant! I have her trying naturally pre-conception and pre and post embryo transfer IVF CDs and again it gets you in “the zone”. Our disastrous January IVF cycle was the month I decided that it probably made no difference and so didn’t listen to Zita before during, or after treatment, a lesson learnt or coincidence? I’m not entirely sure but it was the kick up the backside I needed to crank it out again.

I suppose there doesn’t have to be some great reason as to why it helps acknowledging the stress that infertility and IVF put you under is a good first step. If something cheap, and easy like a cd or an ivf app helps even for a short while why worry about the how and why and concentrate on the benefits. I would recommend giving it a go and not ignoring the negative thoughts that can end up being so destructive.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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