Father’s Day pondering

Happy Father’s Day!

However I’m not sure that Father’s Day is quite so emotional for those struggling to become parents as Mother’s Day appears to be.   Which kind of reflects society doesn’t it?  I commented to someone at work in Friday that forgetting Father’s Day doesn’t seem as bad as forgetting Mothers’s Day where failure to send a card immediately renders you the worst offspring ever.  Why is this?

So I am not sure that today there will be many of  the men that are currently working through the infertility thing with their partners dwelling on the fact that another year has gone by and they are not  someone’s  daddy.  Certainly that’s the case in our house, Villa Boy won’t connect it with  something he should think aboutand certainly not something he should stress about.    Where as Mother’s Day to me is another opportunity for a day of self loathing and dwelling on what might have been.   Today I will think how lovely it will be if next year I can buy Villa Boy a Father’s Day card, and feel a moment of sadness that another year has past without being able to do this.  Villa Boy, if I mention this too him will look at me like I am a loony!  I admire the way he can do that.  Villa Boy lives in a great place where he doesn’t dwell on things, beat himself up when things go wrong, he  doesn’t hold a grudge or envy other people, he is completely contented in his own life.  That is why I love him, why he’s my absolute rock and why I know when the time comes he will be a great daddy.  I have a lot to learn from him.

I hope that our house is a reflection of lots of other households and that no one gets too upset over another year of not being parents, and I really hope that next year we too get to embrace the day celebrating, embracing and starting traditions  that mean our children appreciate the equal importance of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as they grow up.


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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