IVF Round 4

So my poor neglected blog what has been going on? Apart from WordPress being a bit temperamental on the iPhone and iPad?  Well having blogged in minute detail about IVF round 3 back in January and it going so spectacularly wrong superstition prevented me from discussing the decision to try one more time.

Our follow up appointment left me feeling that Mr Lavery really wasn’t hopeful that trying again was worth it but given that we had practically paid for it, had a few drugs left over it seemed sensible to go again.  However we were both decided that whatever happened this was probably, definitely, maybe our last go.

So April 2nd the drug regime commenced, we went back to the formula we used for our 1st drug induced round last year with was straight Gonal F 450ml, no menopur for me this time!  Every scan was a nightmare I was convinced we would be cancelled again, and may have shared those fears with every doctor who scanned me!  In the end we stimmed for 13 days,  which is longer the we have before, and actually much more in line with my normal cycle.  I had a double dose of trigger shot on the Saturday night to ensure the eggs were as mature as possible. I had a little panic that because no egg collection  happens over the weekend I would be over cooked by the Monday.  On reflection this again meant it was much more “natural” timing wise for my body.  All was well and we got 5 eggs.  At this point I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed, we had about 9 follicles and previously we had managed an egg from each follicle so I had hoped for more.

I had left Villa Boy’s number as the contact as I couldn’t cope with waiting for the have they fertilised haven’t they phone call and WOW what a revelation much less stressful!  They all fertilised, 1 abnormally, 1 gave up overnight so on the Tuesday when they called we had 3 left all looking OK.  They said they would call on Thursday but would probably let the, go to blast on Saturday.  So when they called Villa Boy on Thursday morning to say transfer was scheduled for Thursday afternoon I have to admit I presumed the worst.  I even said “have they started to give up?”  Villa Boy was like “no they just said come in”.

Transfer went well we had 2 put back in as the 3rd was starting to look fragmented.  My obsession with asking about quality had obviously been discussed in the lab as the lady that handed me the photo of our embryos as I was being wheeled out of the theatre said “they really are very good quality embryos”

We left the hospital and went for lunch and let the 2 week wait and it’s associated madness commence!


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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6 Responses to IVF Round 4

  1. Fingers, toes and everything crossed for you for the next 2 weeks xxx

  2. Jeanette says:

    Its going to work this time. You will be in my thoughts, I will be hoping for you with finger and toes crossed for the next 2 weeks!

  3. dnwible says:

    Thinking about you! Sending you positive vibes and baby dust!

  4. Best of luck. I will keep you in my prayers. I now leave my cell phone at home on days they are leaving results. It goes much better that way,

  5. Ahh! So excited for you! I’ve been checking into your blog nearly every day, but the top story was May30…. for some reason, I scrolled down today and I’m so glad I did. Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and sending you best wishes!

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