Drugs and superstitions

I know it’s a cliche but I know a lot of you are probably thinking what was different this time, is there anything I can do?  Now as you know from this blog I am a great believer of trying anything and everything that might make a difference, however this time round I didn’t really do anything I hadn’t tried before.  It’s easy to say now but I do believe that maybe we finally got to the front of that bloody queue there is no other reason why this should have worked and the others didn’t.  I also suppose if you try something for long enough the chances of success must increase, not that we have got there yet but I am trying to be vaguely positive! Anyhow IVF wise we went back to the same drug regime we did in July 2011 which was Antagonist Profile

Because of my low AMH I don’t take the pill to shut off my ovaries so we went straight in at day 2 to 450 iu of Gonal F and then added in at day 5 Orgalutran .25g to prevent ovulations

On Day 14 I triggered with a double dose of Ovitrelle 250 mcg (so 500mcg)

Post Egg Collection I took
– 25mg of prednisolone a steroid
– doxycycline twice a day -an antibiotic for 7 days
– progesterone perseries not gel twice a day – how much nicer than the gel??  Seriously Crinone is horrible !

Post embryo transfer which was a 3 day transfer I started on clexane 40mg, which I will now remain on until 32 weeks as per the new St Mary’s recurrent miscarriage clinic guidelines.

Now the “alternative” stuff.

I had acupuncture this cycle, which I didn’t have in January but did in every other cycle.  I also had it in the lead up.  I am still not convinced it does anything but given I have better cycles when I have it it must magially do something!

I ate a load of protein during stimming and had a decaff latte every day to up my milk intake.  All this is meant to help with egg quality.

I cut out the booze / caffeine and took my vitamins like a good girl but that’s normally isn’t is?

Post Embryo transfer I have had one of these green smoothies EVERY day!

We went ski-ing about 10 days before we started this cycle and I got the worst cold I have had in years, which probably meant my immune system was the lowest it had been for years so maybe that with the steroids helped?

Now I did also mean to detox the month before but with our ski holiday and various other stuff happening I didn’t have time so I had a colonic.  I will do another post on this as I am so not convinced but in the interest of sharing what I did I will!

So there you have it.  Nothing special, nothing magic, nothing different – it’s really annoying isn’t it!?


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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5 Responses to Drugs and superstitions

  1. NanaDoll says:

    It really is a roller coaster. The waiting, wondering, trying not to get your hopes up while remaining positive. The impossible emotional roller coaster. Praying for you, that is all I can do. I’ve been there, but there weren’t as many treatment options back then. But I remember all to well the waiting and wanting to hope while maintaining perspective. It was so hard. My eventual hysterectomy actually brought me to a place of peace, in a sense. But it meant making a painfully hard decision. I cannot sugar-coat your reality–it is a very painful place. So I pray for you through this.

    • NanaDoll says:

      And now I have read your previous post and realize I misunderstood this post completely, but my comments weren’t entirely inappropriate, so I continue to pray and wait with you!

  2. Praying it is YOUR time! You are in my thoughts. Such beautiful news! Congrats!

  3. Psst! Are you going to be blogging about your pregnancy anywhere? Either way, I want you to know you are thought of. I just can’t help but think about you and wish you the best.

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