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Conversations you never thought you’d have….

Another weird and wonderful part of ivf and fertility treatment is the knowledge gained on your partners ejaculation habits. I seem to know far more than I think a girl needs to on his self ejaculation habits, plus I have … Continue reading

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The glamour of infertility goes on and on

There are many glamorous things associated with infertility, things that become normal yet other people still baulk at having to have done. Internal scans, the public nature of your sex life, constant criticism of your insides, regular blood tests the … Continue reading

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Post treatment slump

I’m in that post treatment slump whereby the bottom of the cliff is in sight but I know I don’t want to hit it. Deep down I know I want to try another round of treatment and Villa Boy feels … Continue reading

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No happy news

So testing day, I am always happy I don’t have to go for a blood test so it’s over and done with by breakfast! Even when the odds and symptoms are stacked against me I always think I’m going to … Continue reading

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Confused symptoms

So I woke up at 5am feeling sick as anything, 5 mins later I had the most horrendous period cramps…. 24 hours to test and my body is not helping! On a serious note I think the progesterone for me … Continue reading

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So IUI….

Well IUI was a fairly chilled process. We went in at 8am on Sunday, filled in a load more forms and Villa Boy consented to let me use his sperm. He made some joke about having only met me last … Continue reading

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