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Looking for the silver lining

Is there a silver lining in having a miscarriage post ivf treatment? A friend who lives in my computer was questioning whether she should be pleased her ivf had worked even though she miscarried. Obviously at the moment she can’t … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas

I wish people would stop asking what I want for Christmas… surely it’s obvious the same thing that I’ve wanted for the last 2 years.  I literally cannot think of anything else that I want or need, sad isn’t it? … Continue reading

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The wait between 1 scan saying that your baby is not the size it should be and the next scan confirming that your pregnancy really isn’t viable is probably the longest week in the history of time.  It makes a … Continue reading

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Thyroid and not getting pregnant

Apparently a lot of cases of unexplained infertility could be related to a thyroid problem, your thyroid could be within normal levels and so could be dismissed by your GP as not being the issue but actually a slight variation … Continue reading

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Pregnancy History

As I briefly mentioned we have form when it comes to pregnancy. Pregnancy No 1 – July 2008 This was how it all began. I had a fairly trouble free pregnancy felt a bit like I had a permanent hangover … Continue reading

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