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Infertility Awareness Week Part 2

So I have been a bit of a bad blogger & blog reader this week as I have been concentrating on various discussions elsewhere in my computer on infertility awareness as part of Infertility Awareness Week.  Thus the biggest thing I … Continue reading

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Infertiles vs the world?

This article by Bibi Lynch entitled “Mothers Stop Moaning” provoked an interesting response both in the comments below and on an internet parenting forum I use.   Stella Duffy’s response on her blog is, in my opinion a good alternative version … Continue reading

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Fertile colours

Now there’s something that you never thought mattered isn’t it? Does your wardrobe choice, colour of your bed linen, interior paint choice affect your fertility? A large proportion of people at this point will probably be going “what, why would … Continue reading

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It’s a rich man’s game

It’s a rich man’s game this IVF malarkey, you have to be fairly comfortable for the money side of things not to be a consideration as to whether you will have another go or whether it is time to throw … Continue reading

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Dr Google

So if Google gave away medical degrees would you have qualified? My sister likes to think that she has a broad range of Google acquired medical knowledge and sees herself as a GP type Villa Boy having googled how to … Continue reading

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MIA – The Law of Sod

Why does the law of sod not visit us? Other people seem to offer advice on what to do and where to go as that will be sure to invoke the law of sod, only it doesn’t happen to us. … Continue reading

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We had a meeting with our consultant today, as ever he was lovely and every time we see him he instills more confidence that it can work. So why did I have 2 sleepless nights before seeing him? Stressed out … Continue reading

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