The queue for babies

One of my recurring irrational thoughts about trying to get pregnant is that some how there are a limited number of babies out there and it has to be your turn. I think it stems from when things go wrong people say “it obviously just wasn’t meant to be”. We have also had this weird thing that every time we get close to having a baby someone else gets pregnant and then their pregnancy is OK and ours goes wrong. In my less rational and more emotional moments I may have commented that other people keep nicking our spot in the baby queue and it’s NOT FAIR! In fact during our last IVF some friends that were pregnant got devastating news at their 12 week scan, I commented to Villa Boy that the only good thing about anyone receiving such horrible news was that it might finally be our turn, and this was a good omen for us. The next phone call was smug friend announcing her pregnancy lol so that didn’t work, or did it was our spot nicked yet again! Obviously I know this is mad and life does not work this way but you know a girl has to pass the long days and nights!

Obviously we are surrounded by pregnant people, we are in our 30s that is what happens. As Villa Boy points out there is no hierarchy in getting babies, there is nothing that stops us from having a baby other than our bodies. Nothing else. A lot of our friends have babies born at similar times so there is nothing to stop people being pregnant at the same time. Damn him and his rational nature is what I say.

Besides if Villa Boy is wrong and queuing is the way you get a baby then Villa Boy and I must be the worlds worst at queuing, I have visions of our number being called and us being unable to find our ticket so having to take another one. I am rubbish at keeping tickets always think I have lost my car park ticket when out so this is likely to have happened! Or standing in a huge queue and letting people in in front us or being distracted and queuing the wrong way. Or actually getting distracted by stopping to chat to some one about bad 12 week scans or IVF and losing our place. Or being in the wrong queue and not realising it until we get to the front because neither of us have bothered to read the signs properly at the start. I really hope that we are currently in the right queue and that all the people that we have maybe let in front of us who are back for 2nd, 3rds or 4ths stand aside and let us go this time. Please please please?


About thebarrenyears

I'm a 30 something girl trying and failing to get pregnant.
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3 Responses to The queue for babies

  1. swankylady says:

    I actually never visualized it quite like that; that’s pretty funny stuff! In that case, my hubby and I are pretty terrible at queing as well. We always do manage to pick the unluckiest line at the store…

  2. I never thought about infertility the way you have. But it’s definitely a funny! Who knew we were in line and someone was just stealing out spot right?… It explains why I’m usually in the longest line anywhere I go!

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